is the leading African-American newswire service on the web. We offer the most extensive press release distribution to the Black media.

With more than 15 years in the business and over 600 clients, we are the best at what we do!

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Any individual, company or organization that wants to effectively reach African American professionals through radio interviews, television interviews, and placement in Black newspapers and magazines!

Black journalistsWhat Exactly Will You Do?
We will distribute your press release or column to the African American media - about 30,000 journalists and bloggers at nearly 1,000 media outlets. We will also feature your article on - our very own online Black newspaper with over 250,000 monthly visitors.

Why Are You The Best?
We can NOT guarantee media coverage, but we CAN guarantee delivery. Since the year 2000, the Black media has looked to us to provide them with quality content - and they use our content all the time. We have distributed more than 10,000 press releases and continue to distribute press releases every single day. Using our award-winning service maximizes the possibility that your press release will be used!

How Much Does It Cost?
Only $150 and this includes distribution to all the African-American newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio stations, and news-related web sites. You can also send up to ONE photo at no additional charge!

For an additional $100, we will feature your press release as an article on and in our weekly newsletter. Plus, we'll search-engine optimize it for Google/Yahoo/Bing, and share it with our 650,000+ Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

Who's On Your Distribution List?
Here's a published list of all the newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations that we distribute to:

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How Do I Get Started?
It's easy. Submit the form below. Afterwards, you can upload your press release/column and photo, and pay online with a credit card. If you have any questions, call us toll-free at (866) 910-6277.

Our Clients:

OWNESPNTom Joyner Morning Show
BETTV OneUniversity of Maryland
Miss Black USAUnited Negro College FundTravel Channel
Alpha Kappa AlphaVerizonBounce TV

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#1: My submission has a title, at least four paragraphs, and contact information within. It does NOT read as an advertisement, flyer or poem.

#2: My submission is written in 3rd person if its a press release. If its a column, it is written in 1st person and has an author.

#3: My submission is complete, and I am uploading the FINAL version. I understand that I can NOT change it later.

#4: I understand that my submission will be distributed to the media within 1-2 business days or sooner.

#5: I understand that if I submit my press release on a Thursday after 2pm EST, it will not be distributed until the following Monday.

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